Updating to iLife 11

Due to some training I did today that made use of the ‘Trailers’ feature of iMovie 11, we needed to finally upgrade our iMac suite to iLife 11.  I hadn’t fancied buying 18 retail boxes of iLife discs when the upgrade first came out and was instead waiting to see what volume licensing Apple offered.  The educational price is about 2/3rds of the App Store price, which is nice, but still requires an App Store download code for each seat.  However, Apple do suggest that you just download it on one machine and then use Apple Remote Desktop to copy the app to the required machines. This seems to work fine!

I was slightly concerned that I would have to copy across any iLife related files in /Library etc., but it seems that all the sound effects and loops now live within the app itself (I hope!).

The advantage of doing it this way is that the apps now update themselves using Software Update rather than through the App Store, which makes managing them using Munki much easier.  I’m not quite sure what will happen come Mountain Lion though, as Software Update is being folded into the App Store.  Hmm… we shall see!

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