Why not to do 1:1 iPads

I had an interesting discussion last night with a friend about 1:1 iPad deployment in a primary school. She was horrified at the thought of every child getting an iPad which they could use all day long. She has an iPad at home that she lets her kids use, but she is always concerned to limit the amount of screen time her children are having, even if they are playing educational games. Life is bigger and wider than staring at and tapping on a glass screen all day. Maybe she has a point?


iWork Fix

Have you just deployed a new image only to discover that the registration screen of iWork pops up on every account on every computer.  Well, you’re in luck!  On the wonderful AFP548.com site, someone has posted an installer that sets each computer so that it no longer asks for registration.  You can download the package file here or read about it here. Very handy!