iLife & iWork training

The staff meeting today was on ICT and we decided that it would be good to introduce staff to some more Apple software.  It always pains me when I see Microsoft Word being used so prolifically, especially as it’s probably one of the worse pieces of Mac software out there and because there is so much better stuff to use!

We started off with a look at iPhoto, which went down well.  It was slightly embarrassing that iPhoto decided to throw up a ‘I won’t print because I don’t have any themes installed’ error.  Really should have checked that!

This was followed by a look at Keynote, which is always fun.  Instant Alpha got a few cheers as did the various cool transitions.  We then looked at Pages, highlighting how it’s easy to create things like newsletters or brochures with children.  Unfortunately my secret source of certificate templates was also discovered…rats!

We rounded off with a look at Garageband, focusing on using loops and making podcasts.  It is remarkably easy to use and I’m looking forward to hearing all the things children are creating.  Headphones for the ICT suite definitely needs to go on the next bid though!

It generally all seemed to go down well, with staff engaged and enthused by the new possibilities.

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