LGfL 2.0 attempt 1.1

A weekend or so ago, our most excellent technician did the fantastic job of switching our school over to our LGfL 2.0. We were going to wait until the Easter holidays to do it until someone from LGfL pointed out that we were running two broadband connections, which was costing lots of money so please can you switch over as soon as you possibly can, thank you.

The switchover did involve moving all the admin computers into the curriculum subnet as the new firewall couldn’t cope with different subnets using the same cabling. But all seems to be working now. I’ve managed to tame WebScreen enough so that most people can access most of what they need, and we’ve turned off all the proxy servers so that people can even get Internet access.

How has anyone else found the switch?

2 thoughts on “LGfL 2.0 attempt 1.1

  1. We are in a same situation here in secondary school.
    we are trying to do it today……………………………Exchange, Web filtering…..

    1. Hope you have a bit more joy than we did.

      Ours got so ridiculous that I ended up emailing the CEO of LGfL about it. That really helped and we got a special visit from a high up tech guy to fix it with us. Brian Durrant I believe is his name!

      Web filtering isn’t so much of a problem if you just allow nearly everything through, rather than adding specific sites. The interface is completely impenetrable though and you need to raise a case with Atomwide to enable WebScreen controls on the support site.

      Good luck! Once it works, it’s actually really fast and pretty robust.

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