Can’t connect to iTunes Store

…is an annoying message.

Whilst trying to install an app on one class’s set of 6 iPads I kept hitting a ‘cant connect to iTunes Store’. Strange and frustrating. I tried using the trick of changing the date to some point in the future but that didn’t work.

What I did do was reset the iPads, wiping all content and settings. It’s a little extreme, but it did seem to do the trick! And restoring off an iCloud backup is super simple.

Except when you’ve only got a 20meg pipe.

This is the major drawback with running a ‘cloud’ setup with iPads. It’s been good up to now, especially with keeping the costs down, but in future getting a sync and charge case and going down the wired iTunes route is probably the best idea.

2 thoughts on “Can’t connect to iTunes Store

  1. Good Morning Tim,

    I’ve been getting this exact same issue but only on about half my iPads. We hve 14 iPads that was setup before the summer break and when I tried downloading a free app now it installed on 6 random machines but not on the rest?

    I found I also had to factory reset and set it up again to be able to get past the “Cannot connect to iTunes Store”

    So annoying. Have you had any further ideas on how to get past this without factory restore? I have to do it manually as we don’t have the bandwidth you have in England.

    Have a nice day,
    M M Strauss
    AISCT, Cape Town, RSA

    1. Hi!

      I’ve found that using the ‘Institutional Model’ for deploying iPads for pupils works better. Here, you set up Apple Configurator on a MacBook and then install apps via USB (get yourself a USB hub to save plugging in one at a time). I don’t think the Volume Purchase Programme works in South Africa though, so you might have to stick to the old-skool approach of plugging the iPads into iTunes. This would get round the problem.

      Or you could contact Apple support? If it’s an iTunes Store issue, then they should talk to you for free. They’ll even do a call back (I think)!

      Let me know how it goes.


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